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  • Welded fence roll on pallet

    Medium-weight welded mesh

    Welded mesh made of medium weight steel wire is broadly applied in gardens, machinery and agriculture.

  • Green chain link fence installed around the farm blocking small animals out

    Chain link fence

    It is an integration of simple structure, amazing appearance and practicality.

  • Chain link fence in landscape marking boundary

    Black chain link fence

    Black chain link fence is found very popular in residential, school, tennis court, gardens, swimming pool and commercial areas.

  • Welded wire fence as a commercial choice for most zoos

    Light Welded Wire Mesh

    Welded wire mesh typically has larger openings than woven wire mesh. With the wire strands welded at each intersection.

  • Chain link wire machine

    Temporary Chain Link Fence

    Temporary chain link fence, also called portable chain link fencing, is very easy to move to any place.


Amazing PVC Mesh makes your property different and attractive

Arrow PVC Mesh Corporation has been on the top line of supplying PVC coated wire mesh around China. Since its foundation in 1980, it has committed on manufacturing PVC coated wire mesh including welded wire mesh, welded wire panels and chain link fence. Green and black PVC coatings are rated as the most popular choices by most applications. They are often found in residential areas, schools, tennis court, baseball field as well as poultry fences and cages.

What are the advantages of PVC coated mesh over galvanized?

  • Longer Life Expectancy
    PVC mesh means applying an extra PVC coating to galvanized wire. That is, PVC coated mesh has another protective layer besides zinc coating. What is more, PVC coating does better job in resisting rust, corrosion of acid rain, winds, the elements and other corrosion.
  • Amazing appearance
    Colorful PVC coatings are optional to comply with your special purposes. Generally, black and green wire meshes show better performance because they are not as abrupt as shining silvery. Especially, black vinyl coated wire mesh is considered as invisible fence which will not block out the interview outside.
  • Free maintenance
    Although hot-dipped galvanized wire mesh has a good job over corrosive resistance, PVC coating completely resolve the corrosive job and requires no maintenance.
  • Relatively economical alternative
    Yes, PVC coated mesh is a little expensive initially. But that doesn’t equal the total budget is higher for cost of mesh just account a part. Maintenance and repairmen cost, labor costs are should be considered. In addition, the cost of attractive view brought by PVC coated mesh is hard to calculate by money.

What benefits will I get if I buy from you?

Exceptional Quality Assurance
Given its long history in PVC industry, it has employed about 200 experienced workers and capable engineers. They can tell the quality of raw materials to be used and know how to avoid flaws during manufacturing. In addition, advantaged equipment introduced from German gives another assurance of state-of-art quality.

Full range of Chain link fence and welded fencing
As a professional manufacturer, all chain link fences, welded fence rolls and welded fence panels are available. Wire gauge found on our fences ranges from 20 which used in poultry netting to 4 which used as barrier fence. Mesh sizes can be grouped as diamond, square and rectangle.

Technical Support Online or On Job Site
Choosing a fence is not just about the length and height of the fence. And a fence doesn’t fit all purposes. If you are not sure which one is better for your application, please kindly advice your detailed application to our online customer service or just email us for further consult. Our professional technical staff will help you resolve any problem.

Hot Products
Welded Livestock PanelsWelded Livestock Panels
Welded livestock panels are very effective in enclosing chicken, rabbits, hogs, dogs, goats or cattle. Easy installation and cheap price make it premium choice.
Temporary Chain Link FenceTemporary Chain Link Fence
PVC coated temporary chain link fence is a kind of portable fence which can be moved to any places immediately. Various colors to be chosen to suit special situation.
PVC Welded Fence PanelPVC Welded Fence Panel
PVC welded fence panel, black, green or white, is often found as perimeter fences of residential, commercial, schools and sport courts for its easy installation.
Medium-weight welded meshMedium-weight welded mesh
Medium-weight welded mesh is often made of 14g and 16g steel wire. It is ideal for housing rodent animals and small dogs as well as protecting plants.
Light Welded Wire MeshLight Welded Wire Mesh
Light weight welded wire mesh ideal for confining small animals such as small birds, small dogs, rabbits, chicken, or for supporting climbing plants.