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Welded Livestock Panels
Welded livestock panels are very effective in enclosing chicken, rabbits, hogs, dogs, goats or cattle. Easy installation and cheap price make it premium choice.
Temporary Chain Link Fence
PVC coated temporary chain link fence is a kind of portable fence which can be moved to any places immediately. Various colors to be chosen to suit special situation.
PVC Welded Fence Panel
PVC welded fence panel, black, green or white, is often found as perimeter fences of residential, commercial, schools and sport courts for its easy installation.
Medium-weight welded mesh
Medium-weight welded mesh is often made of 14g and 16g steel wire. It is ideal for housing rodent animals and small dogs as well as protecting plants.
Light Welded Wire Mesh
Light weight welded wire mesh ideal for confining small animals such as small birds, small dogs, rabbits, chicken, or for supporting climbing plants.
Heavy-Weight Welded Mesh
PVC coated heavy-welded mesh does better job in housing large animals and protect your garden from foxes and other predators. Vinyl coated and galvanized available.
Black Chain Link Fence
Black chain link fence is an ideal alternative of garden fences or perimeter fences. Its invisible character makes it extremely suitable for landscapes.
Chain Link Fence
As the most economical fence, chain link fence is commonly used in residential, commercial, landscape and schools. Bespoke sizes are available.
PVC Coated Chicken Wire Mesh
PVC coated chicken wire mesh is virtually versatile, such as housing for chicken, rabbit or protecting plants in the garden. Black and green are available.