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Light Weight welded wire mesh, cheap and effective

20g welded wire mesh for chicken pens
Green vinyl coated wire mesh

Welded wire mesh typically has larger openings than woven wire mesh. With the wire strands welded at each intersection, welded wire mesh is more capable of maintaining its shape when stressed.

Woven by light weight steel wire with Gauge 23 to 16, this welded wire mesh is very versatile in daily life. It can be used to confine chicken, rabbit, small dogs, small birds, or to keep mouse and other pest outside. In addition, it is an ideal choice for supporting climbing plants such as vines, tomatoes and similar plants.


  • Wire Gauge: 23 to 16
  • Wire Diameter: 0.6mm to 1.6mm
  • Mesh Size: 1/4”×1/4”, 1/2”×1/2”, 1/2×1”, 1”×1”, 2”×2”
  • Roll Height: 36in, 48in
  • Length:6m, 30m
  • Finish: First hot-dip galvanized, then PVC coated
  • Color: Black, green, or special colors

Note: Galvanized welded wire mesh is also available.

Welded wire mesh, bird cage, 16 gauge, black PVC coated
Welded wire mesh used as aviary cage
Item No. Mesh Size Wire
Wire Dia. Roll Size Application
(mm) (inch) (mm) Height Length
LM6236 6×6 1/4×1/4 23 0.6 900mm
6m Ideal for pest control such as
mouse and bird protection.
Also seedling protection
LM62330 6×6 1/4×1/4 23 0.6 900mm
LM13196A 13×13 1/2×1/2 19 1.0 900mm
6m Ideal for fruit cages, aviaries
for small birds, bird
protection, and common garden
LM131930A 13×13 1/2×1/2 19 1.0 900mm
LM13196B 13×13 1/2×1/2 19 1.0 1200mm
LM131930B 13×13 1/2×1/2 19 1.0 1200mm
LM131930A 13×25 1/2×1 19 1.0 900mm
30m Ideal for rabbit and bird
protection, garden usage and
small animal housing.
LM13196 13×25 1/2×1 19 1.0 1200mm
LM131930B 13×25 1/2×1 19 1.0 1200mm
LM251930 25×25 1×1 19 1.0 900mm
30m Ideal for climbing plants, housing
for small animals.
LM501630A 50×50 2×2 16 1.6 900mm

Ideal for runs and pens for small
dogs, poultry and small animals.
Also for climbing plants.

LM501630B 50×50 2×2 16 1.6 1200mm

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