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Four reasons of choosing Temporary Chain Link Fence

Temporary chain link panel move easily to any place
Temporary chain link fence

Temporary chain link fence, also called portable chain link fencing, is very easy to move to any place. For example, it can be used as common permanent fences for houses, parks, roads; and sometimes as temporary fences in some emergency events. They are often found at commercial and residential places. They also provide crowd control for large events such as outdoor concerts, auto races, marathons, festivals.

Recently years, PVC coated temporary fence is increasingly used in many situations.

Easy installation of temporary fence makes it possible to suit all emergency situations. You just put it there without digging holes or laying foundations.

Four reasons of choosing Temporary Chain Link Fence:

  • Portable fences can be taken to any place where required.
  • Lightweight and panel form gives easy transportation.
  • PVC coated portable fences comes in yellow, white or other color.
  • Cheap price but better job.


  • Panel size: 2400mm(L) ×2100mm(H).
  • Mesh Size: 40mm-60mm.
  • Wire diameter: 2.5mm-5mm.
  • Wire gauge: 6 gauge to 10 gauge.
  • Galvanized tube: 32mm.
  • Finish treatment: Hot dipped galvanized, plastic coated
Construction temporary portable chain link fence, 10 gauge, galvanized
Temporary chain link fence at construction

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