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Welded livestock panels provides strong enclosing

Horse welded fence panel, sturdy enough to support impact attack
Horse welded wire fence

Unlike other livestock fence systems, welded wire panels are very easy to install, very sturdy to undertake animals attack and remain attractive even go through the elements. The big different point or the most advantage of choosing welded panels is that it can be moved to any place and creating a temporary enclosure for your chicken, rabbit and even cattle soon.

The livestock panels are designed to provide cost efficient, high strength components that have excellent blanking effect in drafting and forcing areas and durability in receiving and holding yards. Black PVC coated chain link fence can replace woven horse fence for its easy installation and cheap price.

Owing to providing housings for different animals, livestock panels are designed with different wire gauges, mesh sizes, and heights. A fence doesn’t fit all types. For example, cattle panels are manufactured by heavy 9 gauge wire; while rabbit panels about 12 gauge.

Materials: Low carton steel wire, galvanized steel wire, PVC coated iron wire.

Features: Smooth and trim mesh surface, sold and uniform structure and superior integral performance, it won't loosen even subject to local cutting or pressure, it has the characteristics of corrosion-resisting and oxidation-resisting.

Application: livestock panels are in application of grassland, livestock feeding, livestock control, horse race, animals in captivity.

Welded wire panel used as chicken sunshine hoop
Chicken Hoop

Livestock Panels Specification:
Different type livestock panels have various specifications. Here is galvanized welded wire mesh corral panel for example:

Galvanized Welded Wire Corral panels Specifications
Length Braces Shipping Weight
20ft. 5 200lbs
18ft. 4 175lbs
16ft. 4 155lbs
14ft. 3 130lbs
12ft. 2 115lbs
10ft. 2 95lbs
8ft. 1 80lbs
6ft. 1 60lbs
4ft. 0 50lbs

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