Why choose us as your PVC mesh supplier?

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The office building of Arrow PVC Mesh Co., Ltd.

Company Exhibition

Arrow PVC Mesh Corporation has a long development history. In 1980, it started from scratch. Primitive factory shop, a couple of workers and a set of second-hand machine have been our initial property. With the fast development of Chinese economy, our company has developed into a professional and leading member in PVC products area. Although the economy recently is not so flourishing, our products are still popular among our new and frequent customers for our continual high quality and responsibility.

Chain Link Fencing is now becoming the ideal fences for security with its advantages of strength, corrosion resistance, ease of installation, versatility, variety of materials and colors. Chain Link Fencing and Gates are one type primary building blocks for security system.


Main Products

Welded wire fence is another main product. Our company manufactures excellent welded mesh fence, temporary fence, 358 security fence, palisade fence, double wire fence, sport fence, garden fence, barbed wire fence, razor wire fence, chain link fence, ornamental fence, euro fence, fence post, welded wire mesh, gabion with high qualities and low competitive prices.

Our welded fences are usually made from hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated welded wire fence panels, which can prevent rust and resistant corrosion. It is widely used as protection fencing in schools and residential, industrial and commercial field. Fence post and other accessories also offered by us.

According to the materials, we can supply the chain link mesh series products as follows:

  • Galvanized Chain Link Fences.
  • PVC Coated Chain Link Fabric (Green, Black, Yellow, White, etc.)
  • Black Chain Link Fencing.
  • Steel Chain wire Fence.
  • Aluminum Chain Wire Fence.
  • Chain Fencing Gate.